Design Philosophy

The Design Philosophy is simple, making the game fun for all players by:

1. Increasing utility of the wide array of weapon types and incentivizing more diverse Mech and weapon combinations through a Weapon Pass, Mobility Pass, and Quirk Pass. Subsequent stages will include a Rescale Pass and Skill Tree Pass.
2. Reducing the reliance on quirks for primary balance and instead focus their use on diversity and flavor of the numerous variants via the Weapon Pass. This helps mitigate outliers or potentially over-performing mechs in our new set of proposals. While also giving every variant a reason to exist and worth owning.
3. Adjusting general Mech attributes with a Mobility and Rescale Pass for the purpose of increasing fun and lengthening time to kill.

April PTS:

The April PTS is solely focused on balancing weapons, in particular making underused and under-performing weapons viable.

Custom PTS MechDB:

Theorycraft and build your Mechs in preparation for the PTS here:

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